Outer Space Raiders



Outer Space Raiders

Outer Space Raiders is our line of gonzo pulpy retro supplements for space opera campaigns using the old-school versions of the “World’s Most Popular Roleplaying Game”. You know the one.
Outer Space Raiders: Omnibus No. 1
Available on Lulu. Omnibus No. 1 is a compilation of previously released PDF’s: Volume 1: Classes; Volume 2: Aliens, Creatures, & Foes; The Norni; Space Amazons; and The Zelox.

Have Death Ray, Will Travel is our very first setting of outer space action.
Or you can grab the POD version over at Lulu.


Six new classes for your old school space opera games. Be an odd Alien from the other side of the galaxy. Warp reality to your will as an Astromancer. Save the day with some bubble gum and duct tape as an Engineer. Slaughter your foes and explore strange worlds as a primite Lost Worlder. Shoot first as a Scoundrel. Harness the powers of a dark star as a Warp Ninja.

Space Amazons
And our second product. Space Amazons. Also available at Drivethrurpg


Available at Drivethrurpg and RPGNow.

And here’s another crazy alien race for your old school space opera campaigns. Meet the Zeloxians. A small, fearless alien race that’s out to conquer the galaxy as soon as they fill out the right paperwork and get their equipment to work. You can grab it at RPGNow.

The Norni

Their home world was destroyed by the evil empire when the rebels retreated. Now they wander the stars, a people without a home. Available at RPGNow.

Outer Space Raiders is compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.

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