Oct 072013

The contest is going strong but we want it stronger. So here’s our little tales of culinary terror.
Chef was frying a turkey at her brother’s house for Thanksgiving. We live in the South, we do that. And like all those PSA tell you have a fire extinguisher handy. The front of the house got a little bit scorched.
And as far as the Geek goes. Well, I had have had many. There was the beef and barley stew that turned into a casserole. There was that Asian dish that really cannot be named that tasted like soy sauce and mystery spices. And then there was the fried rice that screwed up by just throwing in the eggs. It turned into a gooey rice mess. Seeing a theme there? I suck at Asian food. And that’s one of the reasons I’m the Geek and not the Chef.
So go ahead share some of your stories. We won’t grading you on spelling, grammar, or punctuation. We won’t spam you. Just drop us line at magicpigmedia at gmail dot com. Or you can use the Contact Form here. We promise that we will not spam you.

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