Oct 102013
Proto COver

Never let it be said that we don’t listen to fans. Things are going well but we’re going to make it even easier on you for you to win a copy of Crunchy Bits. All you have to do is either comment here, hit us up on the contact form, or just drop us an email at magicpigmedia AT gmail dot com. Got it? But for those who gave us stories don’t worry. If you send us your tale of kitchen terror that counts as two entries. So you just doubled your chance to win. And we are not going to spam you.
And because you asked for it here’s the prize package:
Grand Prize is a copy of Crunchy Bits: Recipes for Every Level of Culinary Explorer and a DVD of the Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon: The Beginnings (9 Episodes) plus a special little grab bag prize.
Second Prize is a PDF copy of Crunchy Bits.
How does that sound?