Why are you doing this?
It’s every gamers dream to either own a game store or write their own games. We can’t afford to own a game store. However, we do have the skills to create some fun products. Plus there’s lots of other things that interest us and we think are pretty fun. So this is a great way to share those with the world. Hint: we really love food.

When is X product coming out?
We’re still going through a little learning curve but we’ve learned from people who are much more experienced than us that products will get done when they are done. All manner of things can caused things to get thrown into chaos. When we announce a projected release schedule for a product we’ll do our darnedest to meet it but until we’re pretty sure of ourselves we aren’t going to shot for a best guess release date.

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  1. rpgnow is getting very annoying. I have purchased a couple of your products, and have seen updates, but have no idea what to download.

    For example, let’s take Outer Space Raiders Volume 1: Classes. Rpgnow says I have an update, and says:

    You Have Purchased This Product

    ok – out of those 3 files – how am I supposed to know what’s the updated version? Look at all three and try to compare?

    For Outer Space Raiders: Space Amazons it’s similar – I see:

    You Have Purchased This Product

    two choices. Is ‘ed1’ the old version or the new version? No way to tell.

    I’ve sent e-mail to rpgnow in other cases and they’ve usually said that it’s the vendor’s issue. Maybe you can try to clean this up?


  2. Sorry for the confusion. Fixing up the titles. the _ed1 files are the most updated. It’s only a minor change due to changes in the the White Star Compatibility license.

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