Stark Space is now up on Drivethrurpg

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Jan 182016

We got another supplement done for White Star. Stark Space is up on Drivethrurpg. This isn’t a universe of clean cut heroes saving the day or plucky rebels fighting an evil empire. This is a universe of corrupt mega-corporations, uncaring governments, and living for the moment because it could be your last.
Star Space Cover
It contains three new classes designed for gritty space adventure: The Brains, The Face, and The Muscle. It also contains three new “races”.
Max-Gene’s: Humans who have been genetically altered to be superior physical specimens at the cost of their minds.
Simulants: Bio-mechanical androids who are so close to being human that there’s doubt that aren’t.
Psi’s: Humans who developed extraordinary mental powers.
Also included are optional combat rules, equipment, and antagonists.
And as an extra bonus. Here’s a stand alone PDF character sheet just for stopping by the official site.
And stay tuned. There will be more announcements coming up.

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Merry Christmas

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Dec 142015

Yes, we know that we haven’t posted anything over here in a while. We’ve been busy little elves. But that doesn’t mean things will be ready for Christmas morning. It means we’re already making plans on 2016. So what have we got coming up?
Stark Space: This is another supplement for White Star. While the Outer Space Raiders line was pulpy and gonzo, Stark Space gritty dystopian adventures in space.
Gary Vs The Monsters: Based around the good old White Box rules, it’s ordinary folks fighting the supernatural. It’s chainsaws and shotguns against the creatures that bump in the night.
And there’s more cool stuff on the way. Hey, we can’t give away the little secret projects. Leave something for Christmas.

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We’ve made a Bundle

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Sep 212015

or two. But it’s not a bundle of cash. It’s some Bundles to save you some cash. If you haven’t checked out our Outer Space Raiders line then put here’s the chance. We’ve created two bundles for you.
First, there’s Classes and Monsters. This has Volume 1: Classes and Volume 2: Aliens, Foes & Monsters.
Then there’s Aliens 01. This one has Space Amazons, The Norni, and The Zelox.

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And Outer Space Raiders Volume 1 is out.

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May 122015

BOuter_Space_Raider_Classes_Covere an odd Alien from the other side of the galaxy. Warp reality to your will as an Astromancer. Save the day with some bubble gum and duct tape as an Engineer. Slauguther your foes and exlpore strange worlds as a primite Lost Worlder. Shoot first as a Scoundrel. Harness the powers of a dark star as a Warp Ninja.
You can pick it up at Drivethrurpg.
Outer Space Raiders Volume 1 is compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.

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