We’ve added more Outer Space Raiders on Lulu

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Feb 042016

Yes, we’ve finally done the spotlight thing on Lulu with all of out stuff in one place. Here it is.
And we’ve added the PDF’s of Have Death Ray Will Travel and Omnibus No. 1 over there. And note on the Omnibus contains the material from our previously released PDF’s on Drivethrurpg/RPGNow: Volume 1: Classes; Volume 2: Aliens, Creatures, & Foes; The Norni; Space Amazons; and The Zelox.

Happy New Year!

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Jan 012016

Well, 2015 was our first year of really getting the ball rolling. We had fun creating a lot of cool stuff in Outer Space Raiders line for White Star. Thanks to all the fans who spent a bit of their hard cash to grab up copies.
Some mundane life issues didn’t let us get as much done as we wanted in 2015. But that ain’t stopping us from forging ahead in 2016. We’ve got two big things in the works.
Stark Space for White Star. We’ve ranted about this over at the gaming blog at They Might Be Gazebos. For the link weary, it’s a gritty dystopian space opera supplement. As we’ve said before, the main inspirations are Aliens, Blade Runner, and Outland. Watch those three and you’ll have a good idea where we going with it.
Then there’s Gary Vs The Monsters. Also ranted about that on the old blog. It’s cinematic, campy, schlock horror built around the ever cool White Box rules. For that one just watch Ash Vs The Evil Dead and you’ll get the idea.
There’s lots of cool stuff that’s simmering away but we’ll rant about those when things get beyond the crazy notes stage.
Thanks again gamers and have a Happy New Year.

Have Death Ray, Will Travel

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Oct 122015

Here you folks, it’s alive and well and available.
The year is 1999 and a new millennium is on the horizon. Mankind has colonized outer space. Lunar City is a bustling metropolis. Earth has found new allies with the Martians and Venusians. The Solar System is filled with mysteries, danger, and adventure!
Have Death Ray, Will Travel is a retro-future setting inspired by old pulpy serials, Sword & Planet adventures, the Wild West, and film noir. Want exploration? Want political intrigue? Like the Wild West with ray guns? Want a little gritty film noir? Bounty hunters? Space pirates? Gangsters? Alien emperors out to conquer the universe? It’s all there.
Includes two new classes (Scientist and Gunfighter), ten new ships and over 30 monsters and foes, and an introdutory adventure: Lost Mines of the Brain Masters.
Have Death Ray, Will Travel is compatible with White Star: White Box Science Fiction Rolelpaying by Barrel Rider Games.
You can grab it at RPGNow.
OH and just make sure folks are reading all the way down on these posts. We should have some more good White Star news in the near future. Then there will be some non-White Star following that. We just got some stuff bouncing around inside our heads that just has to get out.

September Only Seemed Slow

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Oct 012015

We know it seems like we didn’t say much during September. But there was a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. With luck, over the next two to three weeks, we should have some really big and cool product announcements. Heck, we might even a few other things up our sleeves as well.
One thing we try to do is keep this site for product announcement, sales, and all that sort of cool marketing type stuff. So just as a gentle little reminder if you want to read more about other little things going on behind the scenes go ahead and check out our blogs. The little links are right over there in the corner. And like we said, September seemed slow but October is going to be crazy. In a good way.

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