Welcome 2017. Has it been that long?

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Jan 012017

Wow. It’s been a long time since we’ve had an update here. Yes, there’s been some mundane life issues plus a new day job that has slowed things down. But we’re still here and ready to move onto a great 2017.
We’ve still got some cool stuff in the works. There’s Durth. There’s a cool little secret project that I’ll talk about more when it gets closer to being done, and, of course, more issues of Gazebo Gazette.
Last year, I had the “benefit” of loosing the old day job and that period let me write my little heart out. Now, I have mind how I use my time more. So there really isn’t a production schedule. Stuff will get done, when it’s done. So stay tuned for updates and more fun through out the year.

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Say Hello to the Gazebo Gazette

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Apr 172016

In honor of Swords & Wizardry Appreciation Day, we’re announcing the premier issue of our irregular OSR E-Zine, The Gazebo Gazette. You can grab it up over at RPGnow. And even bigger bonus. It’s PWYW. That’s the plan for the Gazebo Gazette. The PDF issues will always be PWYW.
So check it out and thanks for your support.

We’ve added more Outer Space Raiders on Lulu

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Feb 042016

Yes, we’ve finally done the spotlight thing on Lulu with all of out stuff in one place. Here it is. And we’ve added the PDF’s of Have Death Ray Will Travel and Omnibus No. 1 over there. And note on the Omnibus contains the material from our previously released PDF’s on Drivethrurpg/RPGNow: Volume 1: Classes; […]